Trustees Required

The Trust was formed in 2014 when the pool was threatened with closure by Cumbria County Council. The Edwardian pool was donated at the beginning of the 20th century to the people of Wigton and the surrounding areas. Generations have learned to swim in this lovely pool.

Thanks to the Trust, local people and businesses it is now a fully functional, safe, warm and family friendly place to swim. Now open six days a week. The footfall has more than trebled in the last 3 years and the pool provides various classes, swimming lessons and clubs as well as general swimming.

As time has gone by several of our Trustees have moved on to other things.

To continue our endeavour we need new people with new ideas to join our Trust.

If you are interested in joining the Trust
we would like to invite you to our
AGM on Monday 12th June ~ 7pm
in Wigton Market Hall

The Trust has a bright future and is starting to be recognised by organisations throughout Cumbria as a project they would like to invest their time and money in.

If you wish Wigton Baths to remain open to the people of Wigton and surrounding areas please come along and see us or pop down to the pool and have a look.