Renewable Energy

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV Panels

Renewable Energy Community Fund (RCEF)

We were successful in securing funding from RCEF for a Feasibility Study.

Phase 1 concluded that we could install 40 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels on the South facing roof of the Baths. This will generate 10kilowatts of electricity which can be used on site and/or exported to the National Grid. Want to know more about solar panels? Go to

Phase 2 is looking into the feasibility of a hydro scheme in the Speet Gill. You may have seen someone measuring the water flows over the past month or so. Want to know more about hydropower? Go to

Update from the 2nd November 2015 meeting:

The meeting about hydro at Speet Gill was well attended.  The presentation (download below) was followed by a lively question and answer session.  The Waterwheel option was the most favoured technology especially as many could see the social benefits it could bring. Rural Cumbria Connects Consortium are now progressing the steps necessary to complete the Initial Feasibility Study into Hydropower.

Download the presentation here:  HydroPower Meeting PDF


RCEF supports rural communities in England to develop rural energy projects which deliver economic and social benefits to the community and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. RCEF is being delivered by WRAP on behalf of DEFRA and DECC. Want to know more about the Feasibility Study – contact for Rural Cumbria Connects Consortium – working together to help rural communities in Cumbria develop community energy.